Analysis of ChatGPT & BARD texts

Trained on multilingual data, this is the world's best AI detective that can recognize whether a piece of text was written by an AI model or a real person. With over 700,000 requests, it's the most popular in Europe.

It's now possible to scan a full report, thesis, or article sentence by sentence for the use of ChatGPT or Bard! The text scanning has been completely revamped. See per sentence what was written by a human or an AI bot. Due to this new functionality, it's no longer possible to make analyses without an account. Quickly and completely free of charge create an account to get started. is known from News, Radio, and Television!

We're constantly working on improving the model. Together, we can fight for transparency in written pieces. That doesn't mean we're against ChatGPT, on the contrary, we think it's amazing technology. It's just difficult for teachers to evaluate hundreds of school papers based on the origin of the piece. And for marketing, journalism, translators, and many other text-writing roles, it will constantly become harder to see who or what wrote the piece. That's what this tool is for, honesty and transparency.

It's important that students get a foundation for general knowledge, which sometimes includes reports and assignments. Writing provides an active learning process, a process that can be hindered by ChatGPT. However, it's also important to welcome AI tools like ChatGPT into education so that students are naturally introduced to them. Everything within AI revolves around honesty and transparency, which is also why we developed this tool. If you would like to collaborate with us, please contact us via the contact form.

* the model may be wrong, the output of the model may be inaccurate. GPT-detective is not liable for incorrect statements and all consequences thereof. Use the GPT-detective for informational purposes.

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